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 Entertainment with 3d games, Science Fiction and Mystery Novels December 2002 
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  • DirectX and Virtual Reality 3d Games
  • Levels of Mystic 3d
  • War on Terrorism
  • The Greenhouse Effect Science Fiction and Fact Book
  • Restful animations of Monterey, Carmel, Lake El Estera and 3d Game digital media
  • New Millennium Entertainment and Software Co.
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    Original 3d Virtual Reality, DirectX, OGL, and Java 3d online games. Download demos of Quake3 levels, Dark Tower 3d that runs in Quake III or fly3d, original 3d games: Mystic 3d, Mars3d, Murphy's Law3d, Internet Wars3d, Sphere3d, Terrorist 3d, Warp 3d and online Virtual 3d Games. NEW QUICK LINKS!

    Greenhouse Effect, Outsider Novels of scifi and mystery venue, Poetry, Paintings and Ocean, beach, lake and mountain pictures of Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove California.

    DirectX and Virtual Reality 3d Games

    Mystic 3d game provides multidimensional experience with many levels accessed from original level. Levels include saving the lady from the Ogar, Dragons, Martial Arts, Sword Play, Aliens and Sea Warfare!

    Download demos of Mystic 3d, Sphere3d, Nanowars 3d from 3d Kingdom Quake 3 Arena levels are available with Dark Tower 3d original level for demo and complete version at 3d Game Database for online and download games!   Newest Games-Database Website!

    With Outsider: War on Terrorism learn the causes of terrorism, without the hype of media! Sniper continues the analysis of worldwide terrorism, searching for social, psychological, economic and religious triggers to violent actions.

    The Greenhouse Effect provides science fiction based upon scientific fact concerning melting of the glaciers, global warming, and how people increase carbon dioxide to trap heat in the atmosphere.

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    Levels of Mystic 3d
     Exciting and fascinating new 3d Virtual Reality Game includes levels of Salsa Dancing and Music, Dungeons and Dragons, Time Warp, Bar Fight or Girls with Martial Arts, Carrier Takeoff and Landings, and Tron 3d with space battles!

    Original Futuristic Book "THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT" warps you into 2050 when genetic engineering of humans establish a new hybrid human with the ability to filter greenhouse gases and live in a planet with global warming, air, water and sea contaimination! Given the current basis for genetic engineering humans this is one possible future for the human race!! VRT (Virtual Reality Transportation) a new occurrence provided in The Greenhouse Effect similar to (Outer Body Experience) with important differences since the subject is transported across space and time while originally in the first location to wake up and find themselves in the new location! Anecedote from real person:I have heard about obe but never had it happen to me. I felt myself lift from my body and sit across and watch myself sleep i went to get someone to see what i was seeing but i got my cousin or so i thought and all i saw then was nothing i was not sleeping on the bed anymore i was right beside her.

    Biotechnology predicts human cloning when you read THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT immerses the reader in a Brave New World of Genetic Engineering and Cloning Humans! LONDON (Nov. 27) - Will 2003 be the year of the first human clone? An Italian fertility expert says a patient will give birth to a cloned baby early next year but experts, including one who helped create Dolly the sheep, are skeptical. 

    Build your own website for business or personal apps like Michele's exotic scenes of Flamenco dancing, Fashion and ocean waves as you splash into her sexy, penetrating, alluring and entrancing themes! She is within the top ten range of beautiful women! Flowered in Canada Michele lives in Monterey, CA bathing in the sunlight that glistenes over her golden surface! In a bakkini she is unmatchable; in high fashion competes with the high fashion models, in wild langerie she will forever stay in your memory

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    War on Terrorism
     Outsider: War on Terrorism explores terrorist cells, techniques, cloning, antiterrorist combat, special forces, and causes of terrorism.

    Sniper: Causes of Terrorism penetrates simplistic answers to why terrorists are violent. Psychological, social, religious basis provide triggers for violent acts.

    Discussion topics are available concerning: OUTSIDER: WAR ON TERRORISM, SNIPER: CAUSES OF TERRORISM  Link to the publishers site for Outsider: War on Terrorism!

    SNIPER: CAUSES OF TERRORISM continues the analysis in a nonfiction book concerning worldwide terrorist attacks, threats to this country and graphic imagery of sniper attacks!

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    The Greenhouse Effect Science Fiction and Fact Book Do you believe that global warming is occuring now! Are we the cause of environmental factors that contribute to global warming! What can we do to stop the effects of greenhouse gases that create global warming!

    Greenhouse Effect portrays the future of our planet with destruction of the the Rain Forest, Global Warming, and Greenhouse Gases that require Gas Masks in LA. With this future genetic engineering of a new child may provide the salvation of the human race! Or will it provide a battleground for a worldwide conflict?

    Nova, Greenhouse, Dancers on the Beach, Sunset on the Beach in Monterey, UFO SG1, La Mesa Lake, and Lady in the Lake.  

    Breathtaking links to Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove and Pebble Beaches with animations, music, sound effects and digital pictures!

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    Restful animations of Monterey, Carmel, Lake El Estera and 3d Game digital media
     How to animation digital photography given JavaScript is easy to code given the animations provided of ocean scenes in California's popular beaches!

    Send email concerning the aspects of the newsletter and website you enjoy!

    Fireworks from Fourth of July Celebration in Monterey! 

    Climb Snively's peak to 2000 feet, see La Mesa Lake, by viewing pictures of Garland State Park of Carmel Valley, CA.

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    New Millennium Entertainment and Software Co.
     Artificial Intelligence Trace and Track Cyber terrorists with Internet Protocol (IP) address lookup, Network Analysis of IP addresses, DNS Lookup, given Google Mashup of Terrorist and Criminal location geographically.

    New Millennium Software for antihacking with Server_ER, the first cross platform Java software that runs within a Java Server Page!

    Year 2004 DirectX, Java, OGL, and Virtual Reality 3d Games. Search for Atlantis



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