Hacker DNS Lookup and Network Analysis: Combat Cyber Terrorists

This is the online version that will be available for a limited time without Artificial Intelligence Software , Proof of Concept, Password Generator, and Google Mashup by GPS to locate, map, and identify hackers, cyberterrorists, and thefts of computers:

Proof of Concept with software that the U.S. Army has used to track a laptop with vital information. Included: 1. Proof of Concept, 2. Network(Computer) Analyzer, 3. Hacker Lookup, 4. Rocket Password Generator, 5. DNS Lookup, 6.Location of Hacker/Cyber terrorist websites, and IP addresses. This is the newest approach to track viruses, in the wild by prevention of their infection, and identifying their characteristics before their waves of attacks, which only last for short periods! Network Analysis is this new and unique approach created by New Millennium Software first! NOW WITH GOOGLE MASH UP WITH PATENTED TECHNOLOGY TO ZOOM IN ON CYBERTERRORISTS WITH SATELLITE IMAGERY GIVEN LINK TO THE MAP WITH PURCHASE!

Order your own copy with complete version for business or personal prevention of Cyberterorist attacks of you financial, personal or business information!

Prevent Pfish sites from stealing your credit card, or bank account logins and prevent identity theft!

Encrypt data files, text, or your complete website with SECURITY ENCRYPTION!


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