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New Millennium Software Develops SERVER_ER antihacker programs

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Server_ER takes a small step that is a giant step for defense against cyber wars! Not just a firewall, SERVER_ER hacks the hacker by searching for the hackers IP Address, WHOIS and sends the malware back to the hacker!!! SERVER_ER takes a small step forward, a giant step for mankind by platform independence based upon Java Cross Platform programming!! Incoming files, programs, downloaded from networks, serial or parallel communications, or local area network(LAN)  communications are filtered blocked if you do not link directly, sent back to the hacker automatically without deciding each time what you will accept or not accept!!.  Before these files or programs access the kernal of computer systems, hard disk files, operating systems, the programs are filtered, run in the background with template files, and if contaminated error flags will signal potential threats. Given JAVA  CROSS PLATFORM filtering, blocking and returning mallware the hacker is blocked and hit by his or her attack!  ACCESS THIS WEBSITE FOR SERVER_ER! Step by step help procedures define how to run Immunity in the background, in Windows, or foreground processing that provides dialogue boxes for any file format, input file, or executive routine. Access Web Site Immunity for further

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Worm Killer destroys insidious worms that infect your computer!  Security Encryption provides encryption of messages and websites!  Given extensive reduction in cost of the above programs build your arsenal against cyber terrorists without spending much. Hack the hacker with intrusion detection, and prevention software!

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