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                                                        THE GREENHOUSE
                                                                    BOOK I

                                                    STANLEY MORGANSTEIN

      He wheezed while he breathed intense air that seemed composed of greenhouse
circumambience. How ridiculous he thought, since his air-conditioning pumped cool
air into the supercharged vehicle, stuck on the freeway as usual given the parking-lot
gridlock traffic that delayed his trip to San Diego. Jeff Gordon monitored his vehicle
display for current atmospheric conditions. Carbon-dioxide, sulfur-dioxide above
second-stage-alert; oxygen under acceptable levels, with temperature twenty-five degrees
above normal. Activated UV shields implied a burned-out ozone-layer.
    Population levels were above normal according to the radio commentator
who elaborated the destruction of the Brazilian jungle. Overpopulation in the major cities
forced people to leave at alarming rates that couldn't be accepted by outlaying areas.
    California was not the only state with pollution, overpopulation, greenhouse
and UV light effects. Depletion of Florida's forest-areas generated concrete jungles,
swamps, and parking-lots. Overcrowding of other areas of the South, explained
the commentator, caused the filling of deltas, and destruction of forest areas.
    The radio announcer continued. "Scientists warned us during the twentieth-century,
by predicting global greenhouse warming. Twenty-first century events confirm
prediction of  the scientists, given worldwide ecological events, and a population
explosion of fourteen billion.
    Jeff punched-up a new station, since he thought he had enough of the
"gloom-and-doom" fatalism of the announcer. Jazz played with a melody enhanced
with modern jazz progressions, harmony, and a funk rhythm. Suddenly he heard
a crash - metal appeared to scream with agony - a car careened off the freeway.
Impatient driver, thought Jeff with a cynical smile. A gunshot echoed alarmingly
over the freeway, with screeching treads as tires sounded a warning of impending
    A woman jumped out of convertible, her mouth wide open, fear of something
following her as she looked at the car behind hers'. A man in the car behind
her fired an AK-47 burst, apparently hitting the women in the back, which caused
blood to hemorrhage from her as she fell.
    Jeff threw open his door, jumped out without thought of the danger, and
ran to the women who lay on the pavement, "I'm a doctor, don't panic. I'11 help."
He ducked under what sounded as a second shot, which when he glanced
behind him,  he saw another man aiming a thirty-eight at the AK-47 man,
  who lay slumped against his window. Jeff returned his gaze  to the woman
who was still breathing, but with a rapid 
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